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Concentrated vital power through fermentation «Prunus mume»

ShareOriginal® PLUM (Japanese Apricot)

Asian wisdom combined with European know-how: The ShareOriginal® plum (jap. apricot) - also called Japanese apricot - has been held up as an exceptional food in traditional Asian culture since the 5th century. It thrives wild on the fertile hills along the subtropical latitude, in the Guangxi Mountains, Taiwan and Japan.

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Enrichment through fermentation

Fermentation means preservation under a controlled build-up of valuable enzymes and microorganisms. This centuries-old process has been revived with modern technology and makes the Share® plum (Japanese apricot) a real "superfood".

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The environment of the plum

Special japanese apricot fruit

Chinese Tradition

Well kept secret procedure

Naturally grown without GMO

Traditional fermented fruit

The delicious and effective lifestyle snack